Friday, December 5, 2008

My First Holiday Gift

Ok, this is totally mind blowing amazing. This is the gift that Twilight gave me yesterday while we were out having coffee. Not just one skein of her beautiful handspun yarn, but 348 yards, an entire pound of fleece. Enough for a little something substantial. I'm working on ideas for it right now. As she knows, I've been drooling over her yarn since she began to spin. Thanks Twilly!! You are the best ever!!

This is a closer view of one precious skein. She carded this wool twice before she spun it, and it's very poofy and soft!! It could be dyed now, but I love the grey heather and I really need a little grey shrug of some sort so I'm going to leave it just as is.

This is a picture of the fleece that Twilight started with. It was bought locally, isn't this just gorgeous? She's dying to get this up as part of a great thread on Ravelry. It shows off each stage of the process, the fleece, the yarn, and the finished project. So now, she just needs me to hurry up and knit something!!!

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