Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Eye

Originally I was going to do photography on felt for the eye, but decided on needle felting with roving for monetary and time reasons. Sometimes lack of funds and patience can yield the best results! My daughter, Samantha, recognized my eye right away, so I chalked it up as a success!

After I got the placement I wanted, I cut and bent back the wire fencing to create a window.

Peek a boo!!!

Now she's on the working wall of the studio and ready for the fun to begin!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big Hard Sun

The Big Hard Sun...yes, inspired by the Eddie Vedder song, lol. As a Lupie, my relationship with the sun is now a turbulant one to say the least, but I still need sunshine in my life along with my Vitamin D supplements!! So I began this piece to hang from the ceiling of our yurt, so I could wake up every morning to a shining sun. I have since decided that I'm also going to include it into my self-portrait installation...The Grey Lady. I found this awesome book on weaving from the early 70's that just turned me on! Since I was born under a 70's sun, I really wanted this piece to scream "retro", lol and I think I've been successful so far. This is a collection of bent coat hangers and old embroidery hoops and other rings that I worked seperately and then wired them all together. I'm using weaving and crochet and knitting. I'm also including techniques into the finishing that will give tribute to two of my favorite artists: Andy Goldworthy and Mandy Greer.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Canvas

Okay, bare with me, I'm weeks behind on posts. This is the first piece of "The Other Side". This piece is made up of 3 major pieces...the two sides are 4 feet wide by 3 feet high. I'm starting with wire mesh left over from our house siding project and wrapping the wire completely with single knots.

In this close up you can see the variety of stuff I'm using. A steel gray weaving wool yarn, a very raw loosely spun white wool, and metallic embroidery floss. It took me about 14 days of work to complete the entire piece with knots. Now my canvas is primed and ready!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pieces and more pieces

I've spent the past 3 months doing material prep work! I've made 100's of leaves and and vines and flowers and misc. pieces for this new piece. Here are some examples. These leaves are knit from sock weight yarn...then I blocked and lightly starched each one, pinning them to an old towel to dry. The starch not only helps them keep their form, but also allows me to clip off all these ends instead of weaving them in, Thank God!!

I have used multiple techniques with these vines...most of them are based on I-cord...some of which is felted, some not. Alot of them I crocheted to get a ruffly, ripply effect.
This is my basket of yellow stuff....all going into another piece "Big Hard Sun" which is a piece of a large installation piece (The Grey Lady) I'm working on for next year's Beyond The Fringe show.
Here is my main working table in the studio! LOL What a freakin mess!! Even though it's hard to believe...everything is carefully organized, and I know exactly what's going on!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey There

Sorry for the lack of posts! We had to cut back expenses...tighten the old belt so to we don't have internet at home right now. I have a ton to blog about when I do get online for any period of time!! Right now I'm feeling great and working in the studio everyday!! My love to everyone!!! xoxo

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mother's Day Scarf

This is obviously a posting a bit behind schedule, LOL. This is the scarf I sent off to my Mother in Law last month. I simple but beautiful Feather-n-Fan patterned scarf knit out of local alpaca yarn I got at last year's Wool Festival.
I'm doing my best to recover from this flare, it's a slower recovery than I'd like. I had one of my chilly brain headaches again as I was falling asleep on June 1st. But I did fall asleep and didn't notice any other side effects. My sense of taste has been messed up, and I've had zero appetite. The only things that taste any good to me are juices and fruit. My pain is MUCH better today, and I'm up and moving around.