Saturday, February 19, 2011

Date Night

My husband planned and executed a wonderful evening for us just after Valentine's Day. I took the opportunity to finally get some good pictures of him wearing his new sweater! Everything about it is a perfect fit, I just love it on him.
For our date night, we had dinner at a Five Star diner in downtown Albq. on old route 66, called the Standard Diner. It serves gourmet diner food!! The theme of his evening was "Americana". So we drove the length of Central Ave, (old 66) all lit up after dark, had dinner, and then went on to the KiMo Theatre. The KiMo is rich in history that my husband loves. The concert of the Wailin Jenny's, a very talented female folk/grass roots band. We first heard them in 2003, on Prairie Home Companion, one of our favorite radio talent shows.
The whole thing was delightfully fun!! He's such a romantic!! At the end of the evening, I had a new T-shirt, new CD's and an autographed poster of the band! We got a chance to chat with the members after the show when they were done doing autographs, and they are super gals!!!

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Robin Z said...

Love the sweater! Perfection.