Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feeling Good

I have been feeling pretty good these last couple of weeks, so I've just gone with it and stayed busy, busy, busy. I'm not sure what the difference is exactly, I'm guessing it's a combo of things. I've been taking the new medications, and doing my daily exercises, and staying out of the sun. I'm getting the hang of my daily aches and pains and learning to minimize them as they come up. Over all, it's a huge improvement.

I went Elk hunting last week! It was a wonderful experience despite coming home empty handed. It was the most physically strenuous activity I've done since Mother's Day. I couldn't do it every day. We went out Saturday, and Sunday, and then I had to break on Monday to recover. I felt deeply fatigued, but sleep and rest seemed to take care of it. We got back out there on Tuesday!!

Yesterday we went out to help my bestfriend put up her ceiling!! I was a little nervous about how my body would hold up, but Twilight and Thebes didn't need me to do anything too intense. And what I was able to do was exhilerating!! I loved it. Twilly and I moved big pieces of ply wood and I felt useful!!! Working side by side with her left me feeling strong and able-bodied!! Of course she did most of the heavy duty stuff.

Inbetween working we got to catch up on each other's projects. Twilight tells me that I have to get some pictures up of my current ones. She just finished a gorgeous shrug made out of our favorite Japenese yarn, Noro. I finished a layette for Robert, the new baby we have in the family. We are so excited to have a nephew!! It's been 16 years since the last baby and that one was ours!!!! And of course I'm busy with Holiday gifts that I can't talk about yet!!!

Coming up, there will be updates on the pieces we are working on for a gallery show we are going to be in!! We're both, (Twilly and I) excited about being invited to join a group of other Fine Art Fiber Artists for a show in Taos during the first week in April, 2009!!!!

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