Sunday, January 25, 2009

What to knit next

Ok, I'm about to bind off on what will become my third and final Hug Shrug of the winter. This one is for my beautiful and talented neighbor Merce. So I've been very busy the last two days reading and searching pattern archives like crazy. I've been through all the new Ravelry patterns twice, gone through back issues of Knitty, and sat at the Borders Book Store and paged through every knitting magazine. What to knit next?

There are a hundred items on the "I want to knit" list...but which one next? I'm really surprised that I only have one item on needles right now, that almost never happens. (Although there is that sweater for my husband that I started months ago, but screwed up on checking the dye lots, and it's multiple shades of beiges and greens. It's been on time out now for over 4 months) And I'm in the middle of a rug, but that's one of those year long projects that I work on sporadically. I have sock yarn fact I got gifted some new sock yarn tonight that Twilly brought back from her vacation to Hawaii last week, that b-tch!!!

I have deeply fallen in love with a sweater in the new issue of Vogue Knitting....and It'll require new yarn, not yet in my stash. And with a coat that has been haunting my dreams for the past two months....also requiring a yarn purchase. All I need is more money in my personal checking account!!! The one that my husband never sees, and never really knows what I spend on yarn!!!


samanthajohnson_16 said...

oooo i want that green one!!! yummy! i also have an idea for a project for you.... gloves for me!! prrrrettty pleeeasee!

Abbey said...

Didn't I just make you a pair of gloves not long ago?? I forget...when is your birthday? LOL, JK

Lupie said...

The new Vogue Knitting does have some beautiful thing!
I started the Jared Flood gloves and couldn't get past the icord caston. I will post about it.