Monday, January 26, 2009

Yarny Goodness

Here is the almost finished Hug Shrug. I just have to seam up the arms tonight, and YEA!! I knit 3 of these this season, all out of the Knit Picks Suri Dream Hand Dyed Yarn. This one is in color Sherry. It is very soft and lightweight yarn... great price.

It wasn't as bad as some fuzzy yarns to work with, but I did a nice rib pattern to prevent having to rip it back.

A close up of the pretty varigation. Any pooling happens in a really nice way!!

This is the yarny goodness from comes with a funny story! See, I went up North to the frozen tundra part of our country and my beloved sister Twilly went to Hawaii. Sigh.....

I was supposed to find some absolutely scrumcious Northland, handspun, handdyed, dreamy yarn to bring back as a gift. She was suppose to find the same thing in Hawaii and we would exchange our yarn during our happy reunion at the coffee shop during a luxurious knitting day.

Hmmm....that's not how it went down. I desperately tried all the yarn shops in my surrounding area, and the pickings were dismal. There wasn't anything remotely local or handspun. I really should have done better research beforehand. But I didn't find anything that I couldn't pick up at Hobby Lobby in Santa Fe! So I got her some chocolate instead. Twilight didn't have any better luck, so last night when the four of us went out to dinner, (our reunion already two weeks overdue because of drama) she gave me this sock yarn from Hawaii. I'm still feeling giggly about it. Now that I'm rethinking it...I should have bought her some LionBrand yarn from Wisconsin, but she one-upped me this time!! It has all my favorite colors: green, purple and orange! So I'm casting on tonight for some new socks while I figure out the yarn budget for my next sweater.

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Lupie said...

I love the Hug Shrug! The colorway is awesome!
I have some stretch yarn and am not sure what pattern to use for it. The gauge seems to be off in every needle size I try. I would love to make gloves with it.