Thursday, June 4, 2009

Father's Day Sweater

Well I finished my husband's Father's Day Sweater!! I have so much to discuss about this sweater. First, Daniel loves oversized cotton tunic style tops, and he loves all things Viking. So I designed this sweater with a Saxon cable and Wishbone cables up the sleeves. (Very Manly)

BUT, I learned a few crucial things in the process!

Lesson #1 I started this at a time when my yarn fund was empty. So I just grabbed a few balls of Sugar'N Cream cotton yarn, at $1.27 per ball, and I got started!! Then a couple weeks later, I grabbed a couple more balls. Repeat. Until I had enough yarn to complete the sweater. Now, because we don't use electric lights at night in our house, I do most of my night knitting to candle-light. Which is why the sweater was 3/4 complete before I noticed that the dye lots seriously didn't match!!! I freaked out! I think I cried....Twilight would remember for sure. Then I said "screw it" and I just kept going and hoped for the best. After 25 years in knitting, I have finally learned the dye lot lesson!!!

Lesson #2 When I wrote out the new pattern, based off of a previous pattern that fit him perfectly, I forgot to consider the change in size that the cable would cause!! So the same sleeves, previously knit in stockinknit stitch, ended up considerably too small for the armholes!!
I didn't even bother freaking out, I just said "screw it" and I seamed them together, stretching and bunching until they went together!!!

Lesson #3 My husband is the best. He's been anxiously awaiting this new sweater! But when I gave it to him, I felt terrible about the crappy quality....afterall it's got to be the worst sweater I've knit since I was 10 years old!!! So I told him that it really wasn't a new dress sweater and he should wear it as his new "knock around" sweater. He looked at me in awe! I said, "yeah really". And his face lit up!! He was thrilled that I'd give him such a beautiful sweater for everyday use!! He didn't notice the flaws, and raved about how great it is! So I didn't mention it. I had no idea how happy it would make him to get a sweater that he didn't have to be careful with!!! So all in all, I feel it was a huge success!!

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Lupie said...

It is just beautiful and he looks great in it.