Monday, June 1, 2009

What? It's June?

Happy June everybody!!

Because I have a serious lack of great projects that I'm currently working on, I've started another new and exciting artistic endeavor!! I should clarify that this is a long term collaborative effort. I'll be working with Print Designer Sarah Ryan from Eau Claire Wisconsin in a long distance partnership.

Her work is abstract and psychedelic with a retro flare that I love! Her lines and shapes speak to me of feminity, and her sense of color gets me jazzed! Sarah is used to working tiny, for reproduction of fabric prints. So when I proposed my idea of her doing a large piece with me, she got excited and said she was willing to stretch to find out. Our plan is that I will cast a large felt canvas, and mail it to her. Then she will sketch/paint/draw with ink her original design on the felt and mail it back to me! From there, I intend to build off of her design with my materials and creat a fiber art piece from her work!! We aren't putting any time restraints on this project, so that could be either good or bad, we'll see! We are both really looking forward to corresponding throughout the process!

These are just a few examples of her talent!!

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Lupie said...

You are both very gifted so this is going to be a great joint effort. Can't wait to see what you will product together!