Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Entrelac Bag

This was a really fun project. My own design.....just winging it really. Basically, I just hoped really hard all the way through that it would turn into something cool. I didn't write out a pattern while I worked like should have, I'm just praying that I can look at it and reproduce the results!!
I used Lamb's Pride worsted weight single ply.

I knit the main bag in 5 seperate pieces. Two identical for front and back, and two for the sides, and one bottom. After each piece was done, I fulled the knitting using the same technique for hand felting....soaked it with hot water and rolled the heck out of it!!! I didn't push it to a complete felt stage, so all of the stitches are still visable, but it's extrememly tight and strong!!

I sewed it together with the same yarn, and put the seems to the outside for a bit punky-ness. The finished demensions are 18"tall, 15"wide, and 8"deep. Because it's so large, bigger than the average paper grocery bag...I added reinforcements to the sides. The handles are just strips that I sewed into tubes and stuffed to be puffy. I found the matching buttons in my jar of saved and recycled buttons!!!It turns out that the side additions are very necessary and work really well!! I absolutely LOVE the outcome of the project!!! Now I'm going to design smaller versions too and add these to my inventory to sell at the Wool Fest!!! Next I'll try a little matching handbag!


Lupie said...

I have never done entrelac but have always wanted to.
This is an awesome back and you should write up the pattern. I would love to try it.

lunaticraft said...

That is beautiful! I love the look of entrelac, and the colors you chose are amazing. The reinforcements on the side also make it look super cute!