Friday, July 24, 2009

Preparing to Dye

Because of my small yarn budget, I have been collecting old wool sweaters and ripping them out! I spent over a year collecting all of this white yarn!! Now I have to make it into skeins!
I wanted very long skeins because I intend to hand paint some of this. On a whim, I measured the table legs of one of my folding tables from the studio, it was exactly 5 yards! Perfect. So I turned the table upside down on the end of my bed, so I didn't have to bend over, and began making skeins.

I tied the skeins in figure 8 knots with an acrylic yarn like the Dye book says to. Then I hung them on hangers and labled each one with the yardage. I had to hang the skeins from the ceiling of the Yurt. My husband is so patient and tolerant! I wasn't sure what he was gonna say, but he said that the Yurt looked great with my yarn hanging everywhere!! I think we might be onto a new decorating scheme!!!

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Lupie said...

My daughter enjoys reusing yarn from old sweaters. I can't wait to see how the yarn turn out.