Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girls Getaway

Twilight and I desperately needed a "time-out", so we ran away to Santa Fe for a couple of days of delicious yarn shopping. We visited 3 yarn stores that we hadn't seen before, which puts our total up to 5 yarn shops in Santa Fe now. This one is me inside "Tutto", Downtown SF off of the Plaza. I love girl time, and it was a great trip! There is something so special that happens during these precious hideaway moments. I can't wait for the next one!!!

Here's Twiligt at Tutto's. I think we gave this store two thumbs up!!!

Here I am at "Oodles". This was the smallest of the 3 shops. I think I had an energy drop while I was here, I had trouble focusing and the owner chattered on non-stop. I'll have to go back again before I can give a proper thumb.

The Looking Glass by far got my vote for Favorite in all of Santa Fe, owned and run by two sisters that seem like an older version of me and Twilight. They were exceptional personalities, and had us laughing and giggling. The store had quite a few rooms of goodies, and I found the perfect souvenirs for us to take home!

I got us matching coffee cups with purple knitted cables around the outside, and they say "Knit One, Sip One" on the inside and along the handle! I love mine!!!


lunaticraft said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun! Those mugs are darling!

Lupie said...

I just love yarn field trips.
When my husband and I go away he is so great about going to LYS with me.
I love the mugs!!!!!
Some yarn store owners should take lessons on what to do to keep yarnies coming back.