Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Koolhass Hat

I just finished my first Koolhass Hat, design by Jared Flood. I did this in KnitPicks City Tweed DK, color Orca. The yarn gets two thumbs up!! It's a super soft alpaca blend! I love the finished hat, but I struggled with it a bit. It took me a while to get the hang of it, and it felt awkward getting started. None of Jared's patterns are no brainers, they all seem to require one's full attention and nimble fingers! I wouldn't have had to do so much Tinking if I had only read the pattern carefully to begin with!!

I love the waffled texture!!

This one is for my BIL, Nathan, who is such a sweetheart! He gifted me copies of everything Star Trek, including the original series, Next Gen, and all of the movies! I was never a Trekky as a kid, but he thought I'd enjoy having fun stuff to watch on my computer as I'm snuggled in for the winter evenings. He was right! I love the cheese!!! All he wanted for a trade was a hand knitted hat....well I'm making him a scarf too!! Just so I don't feel guilty when I ask him for the next series I want!! LOL The scarf is a sampler with many different stitches to give a wonderful saturation of compliment the Koolhass Hat. I used a total of 4 skeins.


Laura said...

I love your Koolhaas; I did one for Paul last winter. Yes, very fiddly but worth it. I'm doing Flood's Habitat for his hat this winter in some yak. Definitely not a 'knit night' knit.

Miss you!

Twilight said...

I like the Koolhass. You're such a fast knitter. I think I'll continue to show you patterns I plan to knit someday. That way I get to see a preview in person! teehee

Lupie said...

I have always wante dto make this hat and get this yarn.
I agree that Floods patterns are not that easy to follow.
The scarf is greta as well.

lunaticraft said...

Both look fantastic! Enjoy the Star Trek. It's great stuff. =D

Abbey said...

Thanks! Laura has the perfect word for it!! Fiddly!! Carmen, You are awesome with fiddly, especially after doing Jared's gloves! I definately give it a thumbs up.

Sarah said...

These are beautiful and I know my man is going to LOVE them. He's always happy to trade hobby for hobby!! They will match his black winter coat very well...he will look so handsome, and he'll be so warm! You're such a good knitter Kelly! I am continually amazed at your abilities. Don't worry, I'm not showing him this post!