Sunday, November 15, 2009

Veterans Day

My friend Polli just got back from Italy, where she got to spend two weeks with her man Dave. Dave was there finishing his training before deploying to Afghanistan where he'll spend the next year serving as a Pilot in our Airforce. We got together to celebrate/commiserate our Veterans. Polli is desperately missing hers, and trying to sleep at night without worry, and I'm greatful that mine is done with war, has already served his country, and is at home safe and sound. My heart goes out to Polli and all of the women and families who are holding up the fort while their soliders are at risk!!!
I made Polli a pair of handwarmers as a comfort gift! I was still putting on the finishing touches while we were chatting!! She had just recieved the text that told her Dave had landed safely in Afghanistan, we shared some tears and alot of hugs. She loved her handwarmers, saying they were perfect for still showing off her pretty rings and bracelets!


lunaticraft said...

My thoughts and endless admiration are with her and her husband for serving our country (and dealing with having a husband who is)!

(Oh, and the wristwarmers are beautiful!)

Lupie said...

Love this post. We must always remember the families that miss their loved ones everyday.
The mitts are beautiful!

Twilight said...

Nice yarn. Is it sock superwash something?

Abbey said...

It's left over sock yarn, yes....can't remember if it's superwash or not. I told her to hand wash, dry stay on the safe side!!