Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Still Lupus

Hey there! This is short Lupus Diary entry.

I've been down for a bit. Last week, we went to Santa Fe, Thursday was great, went out with friends for dinner and had a wonderful time!! But I woke up in the middle of the night hallucinating that the hotel was on fire. I could smell acrid an electrical fire. I ran around checking every device and outlet...I checked the hallways...and Daniel reassured me that it was in my head and I went back to sleep. Big D of course checked online...and found out that this is a sign of brain damage. LOL, thank God for the internet!!
Friday was rough, I woke up still smelling fire. I was tired and emotional all day.
Saturday I woke up in a full blast flare. Headache, nasuea, aches and pains, exhastion, couldn't stand up....very dizzy. Had to have help to pee. So I spent a few days in bed. Didn't get as much knitting done as you'd think. My hands and head hurt. It hurt to look at things.
Daniel really is my greatest treasure. He waited on me hand and foot, and played a book on disc to entertain me while I lay around.

BUT, now I'm feeling better. I'm up!! I'm going again!! YEA


Lupie said...

Lupus sucks! I always get bad when the weather changes.
I hope you are much better.

lunaticraft said...

That must have been so scary! Glad to hear that you're feeling better now, though.

Laura said...

I'm so sorry you had an event. That must have been very frightening. I'm glad you're feeling better. Lots of love coming your way.

Twilight said...

Lots of love and hugs your way!