Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twilight's Gift

It's gift exchange time again!! I do love gifts!! I love making them....and I love getting them!!
I made Twilight a pair of legwarmers! She said she wanted some, and she's been talking about knitting some for a long time, but I saw no sign of her casting on, so here they are!!
I knit them with Mountain Colors wool/mohair blend. The stitch is a twisted rib, knit TBL. The best part is that she loves them and they look awesome on her!!! This is her, walking her dog Sieben in front of their house. Look at that view!!! Great legs too!!


Lupie said...

Love these leg warmers! Yes she does have great legs.

lunaticraft said...

Those are totally adorable!

Twilight said...

I just wore them again on another walk with the dog. I absolutely love them! Thanks again.