Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Girl's Day

I walked, in the morning, in full sun gear...including umbrella...two miles down my road to where Twilight was waiting for me in her car! I enjoyed the morning walk very much! It's something I almost never do, I usually wait until shortly before sunset to do any hiking. We went to the state offices to pick up a bunch of icky paperwork to fill out, and then rewarded ourselves with rich mocha coffee age music...pretty little waterfalls...and blossoming flowers. 'Wired' is my favorite coffee shop of all time, and any time I get to spend there is a real treat! We sat and knit and talked for hours! Twilight working on 'tinking' her lace tank top, and I'm working on miles and miles of I-cord for upcoming art piece.
Then we hit the thrift store! This is Twilight finding the perfect retro skirt to go with her killer green sneakers!

Here I am modeling an extreme piece of knitting. It's a freestyle knit tank dress...short in front and long in back. The price was $ the art section of the store. I didn't buy it, but we had fun trying them on and it totally inspired to make myself something crazy!

After playing dress up, we headed to the imfamous 'Free Box'. We scored two big bags of materials for our current and future artwork. It was a day for yellow!! I got a ton of yellow material to go into my "Big Hard Sun"......more about that in a future post!!


Twilight said...

Oh that was such a lovely day! I had a great time.

Lupie said...

Sounds like you both had a great day.
I love that tank top!!!!