Thursday, March 17, 2011

Side Projects

A new vest with pockets. My Rhuemy keeps telling me to wear vests. It's meant to keep the core of the body warmer, thus pushing more heat to the extremities because my hands and feet are always freezing. I'm certain this isn't the style she means, but it is a vest. I did a trade with Twilight for this recycled cotton yarn that she ripped from an abandoned sweater. (This isn't exactly the outfit that it's meant to go with.) I love the pockets. My wardrobe has a serious deficit of pockets in it, lol.
I love the racer back style over the tracitional vest back shape. I'm not a huge fan of vests in general, but this one is really gonna work for me.

This is a little raglan sweater that I'm knitting out of my sock yarn scraps. I have 6 years worth of leftovers!! It's an almost zombie project that is all St. knit stitch. It's exactly what I needed to knit to relieve my overloaded brain.


lunaticraft said...

Love the vest, and that scrap sweater is looking great! I wish I had that kind of intuition for working with scraps... every time I try it just comes out looking haphazard.

Robin Z. said...

Fantastic! I love the back of that vest. I'm looking forward to seeing the sock yarn sweater once it's finished.