Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finished Sweaters

I finished my scrap sock yarn sweater! I love the end result! This was, by far, the easiest sweater I've ever knit. It's knit top down, all in the round...just pure knitting!! Now, the version for me has a wide open neck and 3 quarter length sleeves and just a bit of waist shaping. There's a curl at the neck and waist and the cuffs.
It whipped up so fast, and I still had so much yarn, when my husband asked for one like mine, I said "No Problem!!" And I knit one up for him too!
This picture was taken very early in the morning, and he wasn't feeling into the spirit of posing for pictures, LOL. To make the pattern more masculine, I narrowed the neck, did full length sleeves, skipped the waist shaping and added a seed stitch cuff to the sleeves and bottom edge to remove the curl. Despite his clear lack of excitement here, he does love the sweater!!!

I have just enough scraps for another one for me, in warm fall colors. I had planned on starting it right away, but now I'm in the middle of art madness again, so we'll see!!!

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