Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Sister!!

I just got this great picture with an e-mail!! I've been wanting to introduce this great couple. The handsome guy is my brother-in-law, Nathan. And the beautiful woman next to him is my future Sister-in-law, Sarah. I met her while I was up North for the holidays, and they announced their engagement in a quiet whisper and were firm - they wanted no fuss made at all!! They must have known that I'd want to start sqealing, clapping, and jumping up and down for joy!!!! I behaved myself, and didn't.
But I'm still so excited, I want to shout out "Welcome to the Family!!!!" Sarah, you are wonderful and I'm so thrilled to have hit it off with you! I needed another cool sister!! Don't we all?

We've only known each other since x-mas eve of last year, but she's already on my list of very favorite friends!! She's smart, funny, and political minded. She's a starving artist just like the rest of us, so she'll fit right in! The only flaw I've found in her so far is that she crochets and sews, and doesn't knit. Now, I know what you're thinking!! That's a pretty tough thing to over look!!! But I can do it. Afterall, she's young. There's plenty of time to get her using pointy needles!!

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