Saturday, April 18, 2009

Too Much to Tell

Twilight just pointed out to me, again, that it's been over two months since my last post. I had to tell her that I hadn't posted because I couldn't remember my name and password to get into my blog. She gave me some pointers on how to get that information back and here I am!!

For anyone who wants a beautiful illustration on how my art show went this month, please visit Twilight's wonderful blog. She has carefully documented the event and each of the participating artists!! From my point of view, I'll say that it was a spectacular day!! It started and ended even before I knew what was happening. It was a dreamlike whirlwind of great music, food, art, artists and visitors. And ever since it ended, I've been fired up about next year's show!! I've started one new piece, and am planning on starting two more new ones as soon as possible!!


I'm currently in the middle of a flare. It's been the worst one in at least 8 months, but I'm keeping it under control. I have been feeling great over-all since my last post, this is just a minor set back. I have been working with my friends Helen, Twilight, and Merce with some Energy Healing Work. We've been studying from the books by Donna Eden: Energy Medicine, and Energy Medicine for Women. And then putting into practice what each of us needs and comparing notes of the effects. So far, mixed with the exercises given to me by my Rhuemy, I've had very noteable positive results!! I'll post more about that in the future!!

My best news came in March!! My blood specialists said that my ITP is now in remission. My counts are good and my body is producing platelets and not destroying them. Which means that I can now have an occasional dose of Advil or a small glass of wine without endangering my life.

So I've been celebrating life on many different levels!!!


I'm waiting patiently to find out if I've been accepted into the 2009 Taos Wool Festival. The work is being juried on April 25th. Currently on the needles, I'm finishing up a pair of summer weight legwarmers. And I picked up a long term project that got set aside while I was working towards the art show, it's called the Penrose Rug. It will eventually by my special meditation run for the inside of my studio. But I'm also hoping to show it at the Wool Festival this year.

This is section of the Penrose. It will be 8 pieces like this put together in a large circle. The orange diamond at the top is the point where all 8 will connect in the center. After knitting each small piece, I have added felted appliques and embroidery. Most of this is knitted from recycled yarn that I hand dyed myself last summer.


Daniel and I, along with Twilight and Thebes, took our Amature HAM radio license test this past week in Los Alamos. And we all passed!!!! In fact, Thebes more than passed, he continued on and passed his General and his Extra licenses!! So now our husbands are shopping for radios, and antennaes and misc equipment. Daniel has high hopes of setting up a base station that will bounce signals off of the moon!!

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lunaticraft said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Congrats on everything! =D