Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy coming new year! And say a big THANKS for all my blessings in this past one, that includes the wonderful people who read my blog!!

I'm going to start out 2010 with an Art post, praying that it's a good omen!! Beyond the Fringe, 2010, is scheduled for the end of March this year. Realizing that I have 2 1/2 months before the show has been the equivilant of lighting a fire under my butt! Here is my newest piece in progress.
This piece began with a large circle of white felt, 36" across. I'm using numerous types of fibers in this one, including very raw wool not even carded.

The little blue things scattered around my work area are knitted waves, as in ocean waves. I've estimated that I need at least 120 of these little knitted beauties, so far I have 45 of them done!

Each artwork of mine seems to be the sum of parts!! Lots and lots of little pieces! I'm working on needle felting some little faces that will be apart of the finished product. Twilight is really creeped out by them, which makes them twice as fun!! Te he he!

And I had some very special yarn commissioned for this piece. This is a continuation of Merce's Grand Prize winning novelty yarn from this past Wool Fest....I was there when she started experimenting, and immediately knew that I HAD to have some for my art. This is the mix she put together for me. It has a type of Lichen spun into's the moss that covers all of the Pinon trees that surround us. She and I harvested from all around the woods near our houses.


Twilight said...

That lichen yarn is going to look great in your piece.

And yes even the pics of those little faces creep me out. :p

Lupie said...

Your art is so amazing I wish I could see it first hand.
The piece you are working on is so beautiful I look forward to see it completed.

lunaticraft said...

I love the little faces. Just creepy enough to be adorable! =D

Can't wait to see it when it's finished. Your art is always so beautiful!