Friday, January 8, 2010

Knitting for Me

One of my New Year's resolutions for this year is to knit some of the things on my list for ME! I've had patterns and yarn piling up for so long now, and I always tend to put off things for me...while I knit away hours for all the people I love!! Well, certainly I won't stop doing that either, but I knit at least 30 pairs of handwarmers in 2009, and I don't currently have a pair of my own!!! So I just CO on for a pair for me! AND I'm working on a new sweater for me too!!

The Pattern is called the Heather Hoodie Vest from the Fall 2009 issue of Knitscene. I love this issue soooo much!! I've never had one magazine before, that I've set out to make so many of the patterns in. I love Knitscene because it funky, trendy, and stylish. I love Interweave Knits too, but sometimes I just don't feel old enough for the patterns yet!!! The yarn is BOKU from Plymouth Yarns, and I got a bag of it from that great sale in November on my last girl's knit day!! I give the yarn and the pattern Two Thumbs Up so far.


Lupie said...

Love the yarn and the sweater looks like the Central Park Hoodie I just started for my daughter.

Laura said...

Good for you! As for IK, I don't think I've ever knit anything from their mags. I've done some from Vogue and will probably not renew my IK subscription this year.