Monday, March 1, 2010

Wrapping up February

Here's more handwarmers! I did this pair with finger tip covers!

People who know me well might think these are the same ones I've been wearing everyday for the last few years, but they're only half right! My old ones were coming apart literally, so I ripped them apart and reknit a new pair from the same yarn!! The old ones were cabled, so I made these lacey!!

More socks!! With Noro! Anyone seeing something strange happening with this second sock? The black and green just came out of nowhere!

This is the Dagger Lace scarf out of last fall's Knitsene magazine. I used the Mermaid yarn that the pattern called for, which I almost never do. I loved it! It was a fantastic knit!! Doing lace and cables with larger needles! Very Fun!!

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lunaticraft said...

Beautiful FOs! Love the scarf and the armwarmers. And how random of the Noro!