Saturday, February 27, 2010

Prolonging Life

My husband is the worst for wearing out socks!! I've never even heard about someone else being so hard on socks!! He's really good about wearing his handknit socks in the house, and his other ones for work.

My Grandmother taught me how to darn socks...the right way. I can do it, but man, it really takes a long tedious time to do it right. And I've darned some well worn handmade ones, but I refuse to put that amount of time and effort into store bought ones!! So I cheat!!
This candle holder is my sock darning tool. My Grandma had a really cool wooden ball with a handle. I sure wish I'd inherited that.

So here's my cheat, I cut out pieces of an old recycled sweater to make sock patches!! It works! At least until he wears through the patches. I have a rule...once he's worn through two sets of patches...I give up and I'll give in to buy some new ones!!

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