Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mother's Day Scarf

This is obviously a posting a bit behind schedule, LOL. This is the scarf I sent off to my Mother in Law last month. I simple but beautiful Feather-n-Fan patterned scarf knit out of local alpaca yarn I got at last year's Wool Festival.
I'm doing my best to recover from this flare, it's a slower recovery than I'd like. I had one of my chilly brain headaches again as I was falling asleep on June 1st. But I did fall asleep and didn't notice any other side effects. My sense of taste has been messed up, and I've had zero appetite. The only things that taste any good to me are juices and fruit. My pain is MUCH better today, and I'm up and moving around.

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Robin said...

I made that scarf for my MIL too! The pattern looks exactly the same but I used the suri merino from plymouth in a dark plum... weird.