Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big Hard Sun

The Big Hard Sun...yes, inspired by the Eddie Vedder song, lol. As a Lupie, my relationship with the sun is now a turbulant one to say the least, but I still need sunshine in my life along with my Vitamin D supplements!! So I began this piece to hang from the ceiling of our yurt, so I could wake up every morning to a shining sun. I have since decided that I'm also going to include it into my self-portrait installation...The Grey Lady. I found this awesome book on weaving from the early 70's that just turned me on! Since I was born under a 70's sun, I really wanted this piece to scream "retro", lol and I think I've been successful so far. This is a collection of bent coat hangers and old embroidery hoops and other rings that I worked seperately and then wired them all together. I'm using weaving and crochet and knitting. I'm also including techniques into the finishing that will give tribute to two of my favorite artists: Andy Goldworthy and Mandy Greer.

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Michelle said...

I love the concept! What a beautiful idea to hang it in your home. If you can't have sun, make your own sun that you can enjoy. :)