Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pieces and more pieces

I've spent the past 3 months doing material prep work! I've made 100's of leaves and and vines and flowers and misc. pieces for this new piece. Here are some examples. These leaves are knit from sock weight yarn...then I blocked and lightly starched each one, pinning them to an old towel to dry. The starch not only helps them keep their form, but also allows me to clip off all these ends instead of weaving them in, Thank God!!

I have used multiple techniques with these vines...most of them are based on I-cord...some of which is felted, some not. Alot of them I crocheted to get a ruffly, ripply effect.
This is my basket of yellow stuff....all going into another piece "Big Hard Sun" which is a piece of a large installation piece (The Grey Lady) I'm working on for next year's Beyond The Fringe show.
Here is my main working table in the studio! LOL What a freakin mess!! Even though it's hard to believe...everything is carefully organized, and I know exactly what's going on!

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