Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Table - New Placemats!!

My loving man brought home this awesome table set! It's hand made in Mexico...all real wood, extremely sturdy and in excellent condition!! I was so estactic when I saw it. All she needs is some good old fashioned polishing. This is our first table in our new house...not counting the folding ones that I use in my studio, lol. Daniel traded one of his rifles for it, I was so touched. I love how it fits into our space!
So now that we have a "formal" eating place...I set out to make us some cool placemats!!

I started with some leftover over felt and used a large mixing bowl to trace circles. Then used our Ying-Yang incense burner to trace the pattern. Then I began needle felting on yarn. I'm going to do one fire/water set...cuz those are our elements...D is fire, I'm water. Then I'm going to do a standard black and white set!!!
The work was wonderful. It really gave me the feeling of painting, which I've been missing. I used both a little needle holder with 5 needles in it, as well as a single needle for those little pesky spots.
The first one turned out beautifully!! It lays perfectly flat!
And of course, here is the final test!! I love it!! I think it suites us perfectly!!


Lupie said...

The table is beautiful and the place mates are awesome.

Twilight said...

Excellent table. Though Thebes was shocked to hear Daniel traded one of his guns for it. That's love baby.