Thursday, July 1, 2010

Progression Pics

Here is 'The Other Side' after the first layer was added. These branches are actual sticks that I collected. It was great fun searching for the perfect forms that would fit against fence right and give me the demensional effect I wanted. I wrapped each one and then added leaves and flowers and little beaded catapillars. Then wired them into place.

These branches became so magical, I'm certain I'll be working with these again! I'm already planning another sculpture based on them.

Tropical fern leaves, partially felted and then strung with wire for shaping.
I crocheted these leaves in alternating rows of feltable wool, and non-felting yarn...this gave me a great shape with just enough stitch definition to create a leaf vein pattern.

Now I'm really into the building process! I've added and added...then taken it off, and started again, lol.

I'm loving how she's coming alive, but there is still a lot to do before she's done...maybe we're at the half way point??

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