Friday, October 15, 2010

In my Studio

My blog hasn't been abandoned, but it's seriously being neglected! I still don't have internet up again at home yet, and getting time in town is difficult this time of year. So here are pics I took while sitting on the floor in the middle of my studio. I just finished the Wool Festival (Pics coming soon) and it was an amazing year! I replenished my stash like never before! Most of it is currently with Twilight as she is lovingly balling up all the new skeins.

I have about 7 different projects currently on the needles and I'm trying to dedicate time everyday to my art.

Our biggest and busiest projects are all home improvement based. My husband and I have been rushing to finish alot before winter...most of it being "winterizing" stuff. We had to put it off to the last minute due to health and financial reasons, everyone knows what that's like!!
My health is holding! I have minor set backs, but alot of the time I feel really great again! Thanks to everyone for their support and love!! My blog will be back in full ASAP!!

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Lupie said...

I have been away for a while myself. Now that the baby is here and Mom and baby are doing well I may have more time to check up on all. Can"t wait to see more of your work. Stay well.