Monday, October 25, 2010

Wool Fest 2010: the people

Me and Merce, 7am opening morning of the Taos Wool Festival. The weather was perfect!The weekend as a whole was a huge success. The positive feedback from visitors and patrons was addicting. The atmosphere was jolly and energetic and good!! The vibes were loving! Things sold like crazy, which was so great considering the current economic climate, but people were buying!!!
Merce underneath her Marigold garland made with marigolds from her garden, and her Wire/Wool hanging sculpure.
Me with Dita and Wanashee, Merce's very helpful & beautiful daughters.
The hats were a huge success and the people who came in to buy them were the best!! It was so much fun! I wish I had gotten pictures of them all!

My good and crazy friend Laura!!!

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Little House On Wheels said...

Are you the one that makes the felted Day of the Dead pieces? I remember going to your booth and thought they were so cool. I wish I had said hi. I saw you sitting there with your funky hat and boots I think and thought "hey, this looks like someone I could hang out with". It was so busy though.