Monday, November 1, 2010

Couch Pillows

These are the arm cushions that came with our Futon, which was a handme down gift from my good friend Polli. They had some stains from spilled wine and coffee, so I had set them aside to knit covers for them. They only had to wait about 2 years before they came up to the top of my "to knit" list, LOL. Again, all recycled yarn ripped from found old sweaters. I knit rectangles, seamed them up and then knit circles for the end caps and sewed them on.
I love, love, love how they turned out!!!
So then put them on the futon, but decided I needed more coehsion in my crazy collection of pillows. These are all scored pillows from thriftstores and whatnot that I've covered over time. My Mom was the best at making couch pillows. Her's were always ruffled, and stuffed to perfection. I never did master her technique, but she was inspiring!
So I took a couple of the ugly odd balls and kept going with the yarn! A small one in seed stitch, and a long one with cables.

Now the set is complete!!
Now that's crossed off the list!! What's next??!

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