Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yarn Bombing: Part 1

Yarn Bombing event for Nob Hill, May 27th. Sponored by the Yarn Shop at Nob Hill. We started working on our bombs or tags about a month ahead of time. We had the measurements we needed to work from. Twilight came to stay for the weekend, (she also had an art show on Saturday, post coming soon.) We met on Friday the 27th at the yarn shop at about 6:30 to put on all of the finishing touches.

We had tables piled high with yarn bombs ready to use.

We had a fairly large group of people working together, ranging from about age 18 to possibly over 65.

We were all practicing our yarny badass-ness, lol.

All of our bombs included flowers, that was our signature. We had hundreds of crocheted flowers of all colors!!

We look alot more serious than we actually were, there was so much laughing and non-sense, it's a wonder that we got everything done, lol.

4 hours just flew by! We had way too much fun!!

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