Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yarn Bombing: Part 2

So after our prep work, we fill shopping bags full of various tags and we hit the streets in pairs around 10:30pm!! Combined, we had over 100 tags, and we tagged sign posts, bike posts, street lamps, trees, bus stops, and meters. Every tag had flowers on it as our signature.

Here's me at a bus stop, we tagged the hand rail.

We took a hundred pictures, it was hard to narrow down which ones to post.

Here's me with a bike post.

Here's me in front of the restaurant "Kelly's".

We called this girl "skiens". Twi and I were going by the Tagger names "Thelma and Louise". I'm Louise, LOL.

Twilight tagging a stop sign.

One of the best parts about being out in the city on a Friday night was the collection of street muscians!! We had live music to bomb to, how cool is that??!!

More street muscians.

Yeah, it really was a party atmosphere!! We got great feedback from people on the street.

Twilight, my partner in crime!!! Fade into white.....

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lunaticraft said...

What fun! I love that your bombing had flowers on it. I wish someone around this area would do that... I'm too chicken! Haha