Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bits and Scraps

We got the idea from Merce over a year ago. To save all of our scraps and clippings from all of our yarn and fiber projects and collect them in a bag until we had a bunch to spin up into Treasure Trove Yarn. Both Twilight and I jumped on the idea!!! Of course, Twilight having a spinning wheel, has already spun up her very first batch.

I immediately fell in love. (I'm so easy) She's making a pillow, but it screamed a new rug for my art studio to me!!! The colors remind me of the rag rugs that used to be in my Grandma's house. So we made a deal to do some work trade. She loves my cookies, and I love her yarn. If you follow Twilight's blog, you already know that Twilight doesn't cook or bake unless she absolutely has to. So she's gonna spin up my bag of bits and scraps in trade for my baking skills. A batch of cookies whenever we get together. I think it's more than fair!!

So here is a pic of my odds-n-ends, and bits and scraps. All ready to be recycled into a Treasure Trove. It's a beautiful pile!! I'm going to follow Twilight's example and hand card it with some of the multi-colored fleece I have left over too. Then I'll hand it over to her and let her do her magick thing!!

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Megan said...

Bartering is a win-win! That "treasure trove yarn" really is an awesome idea if only my spinning skills were up to it.