Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shrug update

The cuffs (done in Merce yarn) turned out beautifully. Each one is 7.5 inches. Now I'm knitting with my yummy Twilight handspun that I got for my Soltice gift. It's very very soft and bulky. It's knitting up into a hard core warm fabric. It feels reminicent of the old Irish fishing sweaters.

I love the color of the gray yarn. It's my favorite shade of gray. I could have chosen any color for the cuffs and it would have looked great, but I'm thinking I picked out the very best from the stash!!! This is the first project that I've knit out of my yarn bowl, and I'm loving that too!


Megan said...

Wow. I can't wait to see this finished. Very cool.

I love the grey too!

lunaticraft said...

WOW. That's going to be fabulous. Great yarn choices!

Lupie said...

There is nothing like handspun yarn and the one you have on the cuff of this sweater is very special.
Can't wait to see more.