Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finished Legwarmers

These are part of my new summer wardrobe. Mission: Full Sun Coverage!! They look kind of short in this picture, but they come up just over the top of the knee. I did a feather and fan lace top. Since I don't wear pants, I'm working on more summer weight leg coverings so I can continue to wear my cute shorter skirts. I'm going tight shopping any day now too. Each one is a full skein of sock yarn with leftovers used for the top and bottom. These pics are pre-blocking.

I'm really liking lacey tops, it makes the lace stand out more than when the whole project is lace and the rest of the sock or legwarmer is a zombie car project with straight st.knit stitch. For my next pair, I think I'm going to splurge on some really fine Egyptian Cotton yarn to see how I like it. And I'll try a nice cabled top with the cotton!!


lunaticraft said...

Very nice. The lacy tops do really set off the lace pattern. I may have to try that design technique myself! =D

Lupie said...

The colorway of this yarn is amazing and love the lacey tops.