Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knitting Gifts

The knitted gifts knitted before the real knitting season has started!!

My good friend Jack, just turned 40!! He was the one who turned me on to Dr. Who. I'd never seen an episode until this past summer when we flew out to Virginia and stayed with him! I really loved the show. I like cheesy, goofy, British Sci-Fi. I can't help it. He sent me a bunch of episodes and while I was watching them at night, I knit him this awesome Dr. Who scarf, 16 feet long, for his big 40th! He says he loves it, and it would make Dr. Who jealous!! I found my husband rummaging through his stuff like a mad man. Like a good wife, I asked what he was looking for. His good winter indoor hat. So over the next day, while he tore through all of his clothes, and boxes of only good knows what, looking for his missing hat...I knit him a new hat. Another version of the Koolhass Hat. He's been wearing it everyday since, LOL.

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