Friday, December 24, 2010

My Mother in Law's Gift

Lol, now that I'm so far behind on blogging, I've forgotten the name of the lace pattern that I used here! I think it was sea wave, I know it was some kind of wave darn it! But I loved it! I made it from locally grown, spun, and dyed Alpaca that I picked up at this year's wool festival. The scarf is wonderfully light with lovely drape! I also made a pair of matching handwarmers that I think of as Hymnal Mitts, because I know that the first place she will wear them to is Church.
This picture gives off better stitch and pattern detail.

I already recieved my Thank You note, and I was right, she loved them!! That's one of the reasons I love to knit for her, she has such an appreciation for handmade gifts! And I was right again in knowing that she immediately wore them to church!!

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