Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For my Husband's Feet

This pattern for a house slipper is from the last Interweave Knits Weekender magazine. They call for being lined with roving that is needle felted into the inside. I skipped this part, and made them as a second sock, or an over the sock house slipper. They were an easy knit, each one done in an evening while watching a movie. He loves them!! And with them, another pair of his favorite socks. The undulating rib pattern. I used some left over coordinating yarn for top and toe so I could make them longer. The top is about 10 inches high. Again, they were a perfect fit! He ooooh and ahhhhed as he put them on for the first time. He claimed that putting on new handmade socks is like a foot massage!! =)
A close up view of the undulating rib pattern.


Robin said...

What weight yarn did you use on those?

Abbey said...

Robin, I used worsted weight on the slippers, and sock weight for the socks. Aren't the slipper socks cute??

Robin said...

Love the slipper socks!