Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Pyorre Sweater

This gorgeous sweater pattern is The Pyorre by Mari Muinonen, and was featured in the fall issue of The Twist Collective. I'm showing my version first. I ordered the yarn that the pattern called for in September (which I rarely do) and began knitting in late October. I finished on Dec. 21st. It came out beautifully, and is by FAR the best sweater I've knitted to date. It ended up a perfect fit on D, and was his Anniversary gift this year. The pocket was my biggest drama!! I carefully block the sweater body, and the pocket. I laid the pocket it out, and carefully measured out the center and pinned it into place. I delicately stitched it into place so the stitches looked invisible and there was no sign of puckering. I was so proud!! It was perfect! THEN, I picked up the sweater....and realized I had sewn it onto the back of the sweater....

I was too shocked and devasted to scream, but I wanted to cry. I wished for a high cliff that I could just throw myself off of. After some deep breathing and meditation, I carefully removed the pocket, turned the sweater over and repeated the whole thing onto the front. Whalla!!

These are the pics from the Twist Collective pattern that show a much more accurate color. My camera is so awful at getting good, true color sometimes. D says my batteries are too low or something. Dunno.

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Twilight said...

This turned out great. I can't believe that part about the pocket!