Saturday, January 8, 2011

Looking Back 2010: Seed Show: Part 2

More images from the 2nd annual Seed Art Show, Oct. 8th, 2010. These artists have come together with a common inspiration and passion. Seeds. The mediums vary, from ceramics and painting to jewelry and collage... and more. Regretfully, I misplaced my notebook containing the information about the works titles and artists names. Pray they forgive that I'm sharing the images anyway, with the hopes that I can come back and fill in the missing information later.

These amazing little turtles, made from recycled soup cans, each one carrying it's own little seed.

Beautifully glazed/painted ceramic tiles.

Wonderful collage.

Delicate hanging flags.

More amazing delicate hanings with seed ink prints.

Framed sculptures.

Gorgeous paintings.

and more endearing sculpture/installation work.

I was moved and blown away by all of the artwork, and each artist. It was a truly worthwhile show!!

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