Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Back 2010: Twilight's Art Show

This was the show known as The Taos Open. I had really high hopes of having a finished piece in time to enter, but alas... for reasons I can't even remember now, I didn't make the deadline. BUT the wonderful and talented Twilight DID!! Here are the pics from the shows Open on Sept. 24th, 2010. Twilight, celebrating with excitement!!

Twilight with one of her best friends, Grant. Her husband Thebes was unable to attend, so Grant was the "stand in" husband for the evening, LOL.

Twilight and I in the courtyard, outside the show.

Awwwww! Feel the Love!!

Twilight with her incredible, mind blowing, beautiful Fiber Art Piece: The Portal. This work was inspired by a day trip that she took with our friend Helen, into the mountain wilderness where she experienced the awe of giant ice falls coming down the rock faces. This one inparticle had a cave behind it, and she felt the power of the Goddess in the space. So this is the recreation of that moment in that place.

There is a small woman figure climbing the ice fall into the cave behind it. For more close up pictures of her amazing fiber work, visit Twilight's blog.

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Twilight said...

Thank you for coming that night and for your kind words about my art!