Monday, February 15, 2010


LOL, Iknow what I said about knitting for me....BUT I started these in '09, and didn't finish them until today! In fact I'm weaving in the ends right after I right this post!! These are for my Youngest daughter, who thankfully is understanding about holiday deadlines! So here is the first pair of handwarmers in 2010. Yea! This yarn is Panda Silk from Crstyal Palace. I love this silk/bamboo mix, it's so shiny and slinky....awesome drape and spring to it, but not too slippery on the needles and it's perfect for my girl who is allergic to wool.

People have been asking about my patterns, so I have to tell you about my method. I have made sooooo many pairs of Knucks from Knitty, that I have the hand part memorized. Then I just do the arm and cuff in random lace or cable patterns as the mood strikes me. This keeps it from getting boring. This lace pattern came out of the Fall 2009 issue of Knitscene from the issues handwarmers.

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Lupie said...

They are so beautiful!
I love yarns that are silk bamboo mix as will. I find it to be as warm as wool.