Friday, February 19, 2010

Koolhass Hat

My future sister-in-law, Sarah, sent me these pictures of Nathan, my brother-in-law...with his Koolhass Hat on!! She says he wears it all the time to keep his hair out of his eyes!!
It's so great to find out that someone really loves something you made for them! I warned him when I mailed it, that he may run into others like it because of the massive popularity of the pattern...and sure enough!! He ran into two others within the first week he had it!! Isn't that fantastic??!! Nathan and Sarah live up North in Wisconsin.


Sarah said...

I just love how the hat looks on Nathan! It makes his beautiful blue eyes pop right out of his head! (sorry ladies, he's mine!!) We love your warm, cozy treats Kelly!

Lupie said...

It looks great! I have always wanted to make one for my son-in-law and you inspire me. So when I'm done with all the baby stuff I'll start one.
Hope you're feeling better.