Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lupus & Art

So here I am, with the last preview pics I'm going to show until she's completely done. Now I'm down to all fine finishing...Oh Prednisone, why do I loathe thee?? Let me count the ways!!! My biggest complaint of the day is having the shakes!! I'm trying to sew, alot!! And bead broken pieces of guitar string!! And paint the tips of toothpicks!! I am bleeding from multiple hand wounds...some from trying thread my needle...some from trying to sew...every finger has been pricked like a pincushion and somehow even my wrists look like I might have mental issues!! But all in all, it's just adding to my determination!! I feel my will becoming steely as push to overcome and make these pieces the best ever.
As for the serious side of my Lupus, my platelete count is holding at 106, 000. I'm not showing any signs of improvement, but not getting worse either. I have a big decision to make regarding my treatment plan, but so far I'm riding the wave to see where I land. Besides the unpleasant side effects of the medication: blurry vision, indigestion, shakes, exhaustion, bloating, and insomnia....I feel great!!! Really, I mean it!!


Lupie said...

I am going to say to you what I hear so often when I feel like crap. You look great!
Your work is so amazing and I look foreward to seeing it finished.

Sarah said...

You look so adorable Kelly, I just had to comment! I love your outfit! The artwork is looking beautiful too! Your spirit is inspiring lady. I miss you!

Laura said...

Thanks for the preview - it is looking awesome! I so admire your ability to manifest your vision this way.

You have such an incredible spirit - it is so much stronger than the negative physical forces.

Love & miss you~