Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Used Truck

As our close friends know...when D and I left home last month...we were hitching a ride to Santa Fe because yet another car wasn't mobile. Sigh!! I did a count, and I've had a crappy car for every year that I've been driving!! (that's getting to be alot of cars) My husband doesn't believe in buying things on credit....which means no car payments. Now, technically I share this belief, but it's been seriously challenged for the last few years while I've spent almost as much time without a running car as I have with one!!

So while we were in Santa Fe, we picked up a new 4-wheel drive pickup. A mid sized 1996 Ford Ranger. I'm calling her "Trixie". I really really like this one, and it's probably the prettiest car I've owned to date. So everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that this one lasts for a little while!! Thanks!!


Lupie said...

I wish you luck with your beautiful blue truck!

Laura said...

I'm sending all my good car karma to you both. She is beautiful and I hope she treats you right. My Ford 150 has 148K on it and has been thoughtful and compassionate to me. It can happen!

Twilight said...

Good for you! You deserve it honey.