Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Works Beginning

Ok, here's the beginnings of "The Grey Lady". I've been sketching and planning this large installation piece for about a year and a half....and it's go time!! Here is what I've collected over the past year with the help of Twilight and Merce, who lovingly scavenged the Free Box and the junk stores for me. This is supposed to be for next year's BTF show, which has the theme of self-portraits. Merce got the idea from me while I was telling her about the Grey Lady.
So far I've ripped out 4 full sweaters...and have a couple more to go. I have at least that many to cut apart for pieces. I put out a call to all my local friends pleading for any gray materials they might have and want to part with.
This is a smaller piece...getting the cabled background framed. This is going to be a needle felted wall hanging piece. It's about 16 x 20 or a bit smaller??
After the show, and the weather turned nice...I opened all the windows and did a major cleaning and sorting inside the studio to organize all my yarn for upcoming new works. The is the collection of yarn for "The Other Side", my next large wall hanging piece. It's so exciting to build the palette of shades, preparing to start!

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