Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beyond the Fringe: Photo Op

I love the few opportunities we get throughout the year, when we're all dressed up and feeling good, and we're all together!! Photo Time!!! Here is Twilight and Thebes in front of The Green Man. Aren't they the cutest hippy couple ever?? Me and my bestfriend, my sister, Twilight.

Me and my loving, supporting, wonderful Husband in front of "Spontaneous".

I love group photos!!!

Twilight, Merce, and Me

Twilight and Helen. Helen is wearing her brand new Snood, that Twilight just finished and gave her at the show!! She's so adorable in it!!

This is the whole BTF crew!! Forgive me for not listing everyone's names.


Twilight said...

Great photos! But where's the one of you and D looking badass? That one's my fave!

Lupie said...

It looks like all had a great time.