Friday, April 9, 2010

The Hudson

Twilight and I started "The Hudson" sweater pattern......hmmmm...months ago! I finished first. Daniel got his for Christmas....Thebes got his the night before the show opened!! I'm not laughing at her, but, WOOT WOOT!! I finished first!! We made the guys wear them to the show so we could get good pictures of them in their sweaters together. We made the same pattern, the same size, with the same yarn in different colorways. It's Malabrigo yarn. I made mine, like the pattern suggests, as a zip up hoody. Twilight made her into a pull-over hoody with a short zipper at the neck. Both turned out excellent!! I totally recommend the pattern, but not the least not for a man's sweater. The yarn isn't very durable, but it's heavenly soft!!

For a more close-up look, refer to previous post "Beyond the Fringe: Photo Op"

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